Upper Limb Specific Activity

At Proactive, our expertise and experience provides functional upper limb prostheses to support many different activities.

Specifically designed devices for upper limb users is something we love doing at Proactive. This is where our creativity and problem-solving skills really come to the forefront. Many upper limb patients have a functional arm and/or a cosmetic arm but still need a device for a very specific task, be it cycling, kayaking, kitchen prep, gym work or even playing the guitar.  Each of these devices is custom made to the user's needs with the user heavily involved in the design.  We are always keen to be challenged and see if we can solve the specific problem any amputee is having, normally this involves a bespoke device and thinking slightly outside the box on how to achieve it.

Terry fishing
hand and egg
Terry cucumber

We make specific activity devices for all different levels from very high amputations to partial hands or fingers, what we know is no amputee is the same in their presentation or needs. The level of partial hand can often offer unique challenges, some patients choose not to wear a prosthesis for there day to day life but do require a device for very specific tasks. This has ranged from holding a violin bow, to a soft device to fill a boxing glove.

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