Lower Limb Style

Stef Catwalk square

Style is very important in a prosthetic leg; this is where the user can give their prosthetic leg their own personality. This can be done in several different ways. While many amputees are proud to wear their prosthesis without any cover some will also choose to have some kind of cover.

At Proactive we offer many ways to personalise a patient’s prosthetic leg including custom sockets, high-definition silicone covers and modern limb covers.

We have experience in providing prosthetics that stand out on the catwalk to covers that look real and anything and everything in between.

Our prosthetists are able to discuss the options to suit each individual.

Custom socket designs are a great way to add style to a prosthetic leg, this is where an individual can choose a design that is manufactured into the prosthetic leg. We recommend choosing a fabric from Funki Fabrics > Here there are thousands to choose from and options to upload custom designs.

denim socket
pair of sockets

High-definition silicone covers are the best way to make a prosthetic leg look as realistic as possible.  The process at Proactive is one that really involves the patient. We spend time taking impressions of the sound leg and colour matching every part of the foot and leg with lifelike tone and texture, including details such as freckles and hair.  We aim to achieve the very best outcomes for our patients.

web hand
simon all options

Modern limb covers are a funky way to add style and personality to a prosthetic leg. These can be custom made, or 3D printed to give a wealth of choice as well as a realistic shape to make the prosthetic leg look good under trousers. There are several providers and manufacturers of these covers, one we like here at Proactive is the UNYQ covers, our prosthetist will sit down with the user and help choose the design as well as measure and scan to provide a great shape. Check out UNYQ > to see some of the great designs.

simon no cover
simon cover
simon trousers

Click on the video to see a changing cover.

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