Upper Limb Technologies

At Proactive we are passionate about technology and this is so important in the provision of functional upper limb prosthetics. We always strive to be at the forefront of any technological developments to give our patients the best success in their rehab. Upper-limb prosthetics has been changing hugely over the past ten years. Multi articulating robotic hands are now commonplace with many manufacturers making them and providing great products. The development of these hands has pushed the traditional control mechanisms to their limits and this has resulted in much better control systems being developed.

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Now prosthetic sockets can be made with many sensors placed all around the prosthetic socket, these sensors aim to pick up patterns of EMG signals within the muscles of the residual limb. These patterns of movement can then be communicated to the hand to provide a specific movement. This leads to a very intuitive way to control a robotic prosthetic hand, for instance, the user can think to open the phantom hand and this will provide a unique pattern, this pattern will open the prosthetic hand. They can also think, close their hand, rotate the wrist, point finger, with good rehabilitation and the correct prosthetic arm, patients can have great outcomes with a functional arm that has natural and intuitive movements.

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