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Complex Multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation

Proactive and Remedy Healthcare have developed a multi-disciplinary partnership to enable amputees to benefit from a total rehabilitation care package designed to meet their individual needs and goals.

This is a fully integrated service “all under one roof” led by a Consultant in Rehabilitation and a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience of Headley Court military rehabilitation. This is a genuine MDT with professional input for very early support and intervention. For the referrer there are no overlaps or gaps in services provided, which reduces costs and potential delays in delivery of rehabilitation.

The programmes are designed following an MDT assessment of needs, which is best performed as early as possible in the individual’s rehabilitation journey (including pre-amputation) and may include a combination of clinic-based, home-based, community and residential rehabilitation, all delivered by the same integrated clinical team.


  • Pre-amputation Assessment
  • Specialist Amputee Needs Assessment Clinic
  • Residential Rehabilitation

Intensive, Residential Rehabilitation

  • Prosthetic Clinic Based Rehabilitation
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Services

Multi-disciplinary Team Rehabilitation Assessment

Proactive and Remedy Healthcare offer a Joint Specialist Amputee Needs Assessment (SANA) and Report writing clinic. We provide a consultant-led, multi-disciplinary team to assess and make recommendations regarding your client’s clinical and rehabilitation requirements.

The specialist team includes, medical, occupational therapy, prosthetic, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation instruction and clinical psychology, and has the option to include additional therapeutic disciplines based on the client’s needs. This negates the usual need for referrers to source multiple clinical services in order to fulfil a client’s various therapeutic requirements.

Our recommendations clearly outline immediate problem areas and possible solutions, rehabilitation needs and objectives, as well as a cost break down of equipment and rehabilitation requirements. This initial assessment and report can be an independent service or serve as an initial planning clinic for our rehabilitation programmes. Our joint SANA clinic is predominantly run from the clinic at Proactive in Godalming, although we do have the flexibility to run clinics to meet the needs of the patient.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss further details.

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Intensive, Residential Rehabilitation

Remedy Healthcare and Proactive are able to deliver intensive, residential rehabilitation programmes from The Kingston Rehabilitation Centre, providing post-acute, early stage rehabilitation for patients unable to return home from hospital following major traumatic musculoskeletal injury and for those requiring a short period of high intensity treatment input as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. This service offers:

  • 24 hour nursing care with full board and high quality en-suite accommodation.
  • Remedy’s Consultant-led MDT, including Physiotherapy & hydrotherapy services, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation Instruction and Clinical Psychology with additional access to specialist clinicians within Podiatry, Orthotics and Prosthetics.
  • An individual rehabilitation programme tailored to their specific needs. A typical programme would include 15-18 hours of one-one therapy input each week and last from five days to a few weeks.
  • ​The residential rehabilitation service forms a key component of Remedy’s uniquely integrated, seamless rehabilitation pathway of care – taking individuals from “ward to work”. This innovative service provides unrivalled opportunities for patients to achieve optimal clinical and functional outcomes.

Community Based Rehabilitation Services

Remedy Healthcare UK and Proactive Prosthetics offer a community rehabilitation service in conjunction with our clinic based services, providing assessment and treatment for clients living within the boroughs of London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and parts of Buckinghamshire and Essex. This service enables clients to be treated in their own home, or in some cases, in local clinic facilities.

We believe that our specialist MSK rehabilitation programmes not only produce the best clinical outcomes available for MSK major trauma rehabilitation, but they are also exceptionally cost effective. Please contact Proactive or Remedy for a detailed quote or complete the Remedy Referral form.