Pre-amputation Consultation

Electing for an amputation is a very difficult decision and should be taken only after taking expert advice from clinicians and healthcare professionals.

Proactive can provide pre-amputation consultations so that those who are faced with this difficult decision can become aware of their options and gain some insight into the prosthetic options and possibilities including the rehabilitation journey post amputation.

This service brings together the two elements required for successful amputation rehabilitation. By working together the surgeon and prosthetist are able to evaluate the patient and offer a recommended course of action.

This service will be of benefit to clients considering amputation and those established amputees who are experiencing problems and/or functioning sub-optimally.

The consultation can be arranged in an orthopaedic clinic, where clinical assessments and x-ray imaging may be undertaken.

There is additionally the option for more in depth assessments with specialist amputee physiotherapy input as well as the opportunity to see other amputees and prostheses at the Proactive Prosthetics Clinic in Godalming.

We work with consultant orthopaedic surgeons who have many years experience working in restorative limb surgery “Limb Reconstruction” as well as reconstructive amputation and osseo-integration.

With our combined expertise and many years of amputee clinical practice we can offer expert, high quality comprehensive assessment and care, offering possible solutions for problems pre or post amputation.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange an appointment.

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