Who we are

ProActive Prosthetics is an independent healthcare company delivering a best practice interdisciplinary approach for new and existing amputees. We combine a patient need for quality products, comfort, capability and a cosmetic look with a caring and dedicated approach. We understand that we are treating the whole person and not just the physical need for a prosthesis.

We offer high intensity treatment for both new and established patients. We understand that each prosthetic user is an individual, with different levels of activities and different desires and goals for the future. We work with patients, creating a prosthesis to match individual needs. We offer all prospective customers an independent and honest assessment based on what you want to achieve as a prosthetic user. We offer a range of therapies to enable the user to get the best use out of their prosthesis.

Helping individuals to attain their goals is what we are all about!

Olympic athlete with prosthetic
Man with prosthetic leg standing near boats

Experience and Expertise

ProActive Prosthetics has many years experience in fitting upper and lower limb prostheses. We have experience with several double amputees who have achieved a good level of mobility and activity. We have many patients who are involved in physical activities and we have been successful in providing innovative solutions for a wide variety of activities including horse-riding, sailing, canoeing, cycling and snowboarding. Our patients range from under 4 to over 80 years old and we pride ourselves in providing for individual needs, aesthetically and functionally, from a high definition leg for high heels to the latest image on a custom made socket and simple support legs and cosmetic arms through to cutting edge computerised limbs.

ProActive Prosthetics are experts in socket design and fit. The socket is the interface between the residual limb and the prosthesis and we believe good socket design and fit is fundamental to success. The prosthetists have had many years experience in this area and it has been a particular field of research interest for Richard Nieveen.


In 1995 we set up what was recognised as the first multidisciplinary prosthetic clinic in the independent sector.

Today we are one of the most experienced rehabilitation clinics in the UK working with persons suffered limb loss as a result of trauma.

It is recognised that understanding socket design is key in achieving successful fitting;  the experience of your treating prosthetist paramount.

At ProActive Prosthetics your treating prosthetist will have a clinical background and many years post qualification experience in rehabilitation.

We are proud of the fact that the significant majority of referrals to ProActive Prosthetics are the result of personal or professional recommendation

Comfort: We understand comfort and how to achieve it.

Function: We can identify, fit and optimise the best technology for each individual.

Confidence: We provide the comfort, technology and support to give the confidence to achieve goals.