Did you know that walking with a prosthesis takes 16% to 280% more energy than is normally required, depending on the level of amputation and other medical issues? We will work with you to help you increase your fitness and confidence and teach you to walk in such a way as to minimise strain on your back and other limbs.

A gathering of information to include:

  • Information about your health and activity prior to your amputation
  • Current joint mobility and muscle power – all limbs
  • Posture in sitting and standing
  • Balance with and without your prosthesis
  • Fitness
  • Technique of walking with your current prosthesis – recorded with your permission
  • What’s important to you and what you would like to achieve in the short and longer term.
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Treatment programme
Based on the assessment, treatment is aimed at helping you achieve your goals. If you have had a change to your prosthesis you may need to learn some new techniques to get the most out of the limb. You may not have been walking very well due to an uncomfortable socket or you may have had some falls which have made you walk in a hesitant way. In close consultation with your prosthetist, we will work with you to help you achieve your optimum performance.

Follow up
Helping you maintain progress and addressing any issues that may have arisen.