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At Proactive we have a wealth of experience in fitting many different types of prosthetic technologies. The importance of having a prosthetist who understands the technology and is able to set up the components correctly is key to the functional success of the prosthesis.

In addition, at Proactive, we ensure that each individual is educated on how to get the best out of the technologies provided both in terms of programming and practical applications for the use of each technology. Our physiotherapists are also trained to facilitate gait and activity training to help patients achieve their goals.

Technology has helped many amputees by increasing functionality and quality of life and has become an integral part of prosthetics over the last 20 years. At Proactive we keep up to date with all new and developing technology. Frequently we use microprocessor knees and feet that have multiple sensors in them to make sure they function in a safe and predictable way.

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The Ottobock Genium X3 is our most used microprocessor knee joint for our active users, this knee joint is fully waterproof and gives the user a huge amount of functionality and safety. The knee is capable of walking leg over leg up and down stairs, it gives the most cosmetic walking gait available for an amputee. We also offer speciality physiotherapy to teach the patient to use the knee, as clever as these knees are, the user is still in control and has to learn how to use them correctly.

The Ottobock Kenevo knee is regularly used by our patients during rehab and for some of our lower functioning patients for long term use. It has the same sensors as the Genium X3 but the complex algorithms that decide how the knee functions are all aimed at safety and stability for the user. It is also the lightest microprocessor knee joint available.

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The Empower foot is the only foot to give an amputee active propulsion of the foot during gait. This foot is great for the more active below-knee amputee, but it can also aid some of our less active users. The active propulsion reduces the energy cost significantly during gait, allowing them to walk further without fatigue.


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