Immediate Needs Assessment


For case managers instructing Proactive the first step in the process is to conduct an immediate needs assessment to establish the short term requirements for the patient.

A detailed report including recommendations and costs is provided.

Why instruct Proactive?

We were the first company to provide multidisciplinary rehabilitation in the independent sector at Unsted Park Rehabilitation Hospital in 1995.

We have a very strong clinically lead team who have influenced socket design and its teaching in the UK, therefore we understand comfort better than anyone. Our approach and care is individual and each patient can be certain that their needs and goals are provided for.

We have a close working relationship with several case managers. We appreciate the importance of keeping case managers informed and updated on a regular basis and understand that timely provision of information is critical to the success of the rehabilitation of their clients.

For active individuals Proactive are the leaders and clinic working with Elite Athletes. Since 2009 and for two Paralympic cycles Proactive have worked closely with UK Sport, EIS and British Athletics providing prosthesis for many elite level athletes. In the current cycle we are proud to be the “provider of choice” for 5 athletes competing in Rio 2016

We are at the forefront in new and emerging technology and most importantly Proactive Prosthetics is an “independent company” therefore can choose what is best for each individual patient .

More than 98% of patients we see are by personal recommendation.

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