Prosthetics and Orthotics

Prosthetic Solutions for comfort, function and confidence.

Our prosthetic solutions meet individual aesthetic and functional needs, from high-definition legs for high heels to custom-made sockets and support limbs.

We treat the whole person, not just the physical need for a prosthesis. An interdisciplinary approach combines quality, comfort, capability, and aesthetics that focuses on the holistic needs of each patient providing them with a tailored solution that matches their activity levels and future aspirations.

Our expertise lies in socket design and fit and our Prosthetists have extensive experience and a strong research focus in this area. Our diverse patient base, spanning ages 4 to 80+, benefits from our tailored, innovative solutions for activities like horse-riding, sailing, canoeing, cycling, and snowboarding.

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Orthotic Solutions for comfort, function and confidence.

At Proactive our commitment to improving the quality of life of our patients extends to tailored orthotic solutions and support.

We provide a full assessment of individual orthotic needs to find the best solution to any functional deficit.

Whether a patient is faced with the challenges of amputation,  has associated sound limb overload, or is coming purely for an independent orthotic assessment, we are here to work with them every step of the way to ensure they receive the most suitable and effective orthoses for their needs.This can be a custom or off-the-shelf solution.

The well-being and comfort of our patients are our top priority.