2022 Commonwealth Games

The Team at Proactive are immensley proud to have supported the 72 nations of The Commonwealth during the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

It was a chilly autumn day when we heard the good news that we had been awarded the contract to provide prosthetic and orthotic repairs at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Little did we know that several months later we would be setting up a warm-up trackside workshop and clinic in a sweltering 39 degrees!

Although this was the beginning it was the end of months of preparation from applying for accreditation and sourcing food, accommodation, T shirts and equipment for the teams of volunteers supporting us to researching and sourcing the tools and supplies required for the repairs. But finally we were here, gasping, in search of fluids and shade, as we unloaded 2 van loads of equipment and supplies.

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Having got all our equipment and supplies through security and set up a beautiful trackside workshop and a fully equipped mobile service van, the next challenge while waiting for patients to arrive was to complete a walking lap of the track with a 'Top Gear Style' leader board placed prominently in the workshop!

We were set up just as the athletes were starting to arrive in the villages and the rehearsals and associated construction for the opening ceremony added to the building sense of occasion.  There were two dress rehearsals and the opening ceremony at the stadium during the first week which the volunteers were able to watch. The days flew by with various repairs arriving each day to keep our teams of volunteers busy. All too soon the rehearsals for the closing ceremony began and the games came to a close.

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Amongst the athletes we helped were two gold medallists:

Alice Tai; an amputee who won swimming 100m backstroke gold for England and
Madison de Rozario who won wheelchair marathan gold for Australia.

And we gave a special 'shout out' to Olivia Breen who won the women's T37/38 100m sprint for Wales. She must have been the happiest, smiliest gold medallist of the Commonwealth Games!

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Nearly 50 members of our team and volunteers came to Birmingham to support the athletes and their coaches. More than anything we were humbled by the commitment and support from the volunteers; prosthetists, orthotists, technicians and games makers who gave their time. The rest of this article is given to sharing their inspiring teamwork and problem solving to support the Commonwealth Games para-athletes in achieving their goals and dreams.

"With some sadness my last shift is done. If you still have shifts to come you're going to have a blast!
Prosthetists and orthotists sitting shoulder to shoulder on the floor working on a plan with doing the best for the patient the only focus. Everyone contributing, everyone equal. A real reminder of how special the people in these professions are and a brilliant advert for what we do. Thanks to Rosie, Richard and the Proactive team - your efforts to organise this are worth it. Thanks for the once in a lifetime experience." Caz

"So my time at the Commonwealth games volunteering come to an end today, its been an amazing experience especially in my home town, a big shout out and thanks to everyone I have met over the last 3 days." Kevin

"After wrapping up my time yesterday, I just wanted to pop a message in to say how grateful I am for this experience and how much I have enjoyed it. It’s been an absolute pleasure spending time with different clinicians in a new environment. Thank you so much to Rosie, Richard and Tania for all your work behind the scenes. I have one request- that we are kept up to date with the only event that really matters -the speedwalk 400m!" Eilidh

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"Thank you Richard, Tania and everybody whose been around for the past few days, especially for letting me tag along for an extra night! It's been great to see the organisation work out, meet so many new faces, see how the games get set up and of course the dress rehearsal." Beth

"I’ve had a day to decompress and have a wee reflect on the last 3 days. Thanks so so much gang for the laughs, it was lovely to meet new people and work with everyone up in Birmingham on the early shift. The atmosphere was cracking and the opportunity to be a small part of it all and watch as it started to build was brilliant. I can totally see why you have loved working at events like this over the years and it’s brilliant that so many of us have had the chance on home soil too." Katy

"Guys n gals. Just wanted to express my thanks for what can only be described as a magical experience earlier in the week. I watched the opening ceremony last night on TV with a certain amount of pride having been there during the day." Phil

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"Hey guys, I had a brilliant time slogging it out on the track with the team. Brilliant sport. Great company. Superbly organised. Not enough ice cream. Enjoy the remainder!" Jim

"Huge thanks to everyone at Proactive for welcoming me to your team over the last few days. It was a fantastic experience and lovely to catch up with familiar faces and meet lots of new fellow P&Os! Hope the last few days, and packing up, go well." Collette

"That was my last shift completed this afternoon. Thanks to Richard, Tania, Rosie and Alan for all their hard work and making me welcome. It's been a great time meeting new folk and catching up with others plus plenty of good sport. Enjoy the last few days folks!" Rachel

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