Seminar: A Journey to Recovery 22 November 2019

On 22 November 2019 Proactive and Re:medy Healthcare, were proud to host their third workshop based, educational seminar exploring the complex journey through rehabilitation following limb loss.

The unique value that the team at Re:medy bring to this journey is their military experience in providing multi-disciplinary rehabilitation in highly complex major trauma for active individuals. They are the experts in this field and fully understand the value and importance of early, co-ordinated intervention, in all aspects of recovery, to facilitate the best possible outcomes; getting ‘fitter quicker’. These values are mirrored at Proactive and together we provide the best possible results for patients following limb loss.

The day began with a welcome and introduction to this complex journey by Richard Nieveen and Dr Ian McCurdie followed by six workshops.

The first was a teamwork session exploring the challenges faced by a person who finds themselves traumatically injured. Participants learned the importance of recognising the unknown journey that lies ahead and how a team of experts can carefully and constructively make that journey as effective as possible, leading to improved outcomes for the individuals and their families.

Next, a session demonstrating issues faced with scaring and oedema in early rehabilitation was one of the most popular as it was an area that is not often covered or recognised in the rehabilitation process.

Then, in Proactive’s technical workshop participants were able to watch a live demonstration of the process of making a prosthetic socket. A true appreciation of the skill and detail required to create a functional comfortable socket.

Pain was explored in the next workshop investigating non-pharmacological methods of pain relief, including mirror therapy.


Further sessions on upper and lower limb prosthetics and orthotics, including practical demonstrations by patients, gave participants a hands on insight into what can be achieved and the importance of comfort and function restored to the lives of amputees.

The recent advances in upper limb prosthetic technology is striking – the session demonstrated the functionality and dexterity achievable whilst explaining the amount of input and commitment required by the individual and healthcare professionals supporting them to benefit from this most advanced technology.


Finally, by popular demand a consideration of the psychological impact of major trauma was led by Dr Matt Beadman.

The day was rounded up with a panel Q&A discussion before drinks and networking.

Below are a few of the comments from the participants:

‘Very useful and productive session, extremely helpful and very informative’

‘Very smooth day, very well run. Interesting / passionate speakers. Good mix of delegates.’

‘A very interesting day. Seeing the prosthetics in use was great.’

‘Really insightful day. Really good to get an understanding of different impacts.’

‘Thank you all for such an informative day which was also great fun!’

‘Thank you so much for hosting such an informative day. Great to experience all the work shops and gain a greater understanding of the journey of each product / patient design and to be able to meet with advocates of the Proactive Prosthetics products to appreciate the user perspective. Delicious lunch, warm reception and lovely environment to have been learning on a rainy Friday.’

A summary sheet of the key points discussed about our Remedy : Proactive Partnership is available by clicking the link below:

Remedy Proactive Partnership

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