Revving Up a Lifelong Dream: Proactive’s Custom Prosthesis Gets Julian on Two Wheels

We recently helped Julian to fulfil a lifelong dream of wanting to ride a motorbike. We did this using a transradial prosthesis that utilised the TRS Black Iron Pivot Lite to manufacture a customised solution to enable him to grip and steer a motorbike.

Julian, who felt that this dream would never be realised said:

“My journey with the incredible team at Proactive started in May 2023, and the whole process was amazing. Their communication and attention to detail were superb. I always felt they were able to deliver a product that would fulfill my needs, and they really delivered!  The customised prosthetic arm they created fits perfectly; it totally allows   me to safely hold onto the bike and also gives me some manoeuvrability I didn’t have before. I am so grateful to Natalie and Alan specifically for being absolutely wonderful to work with throughout this entire journey. I owe a big part of the success of making my dream finally come true to the talented team at Proactive

On December 1, 2023, I passed my motorcycle license test! My lifelong dream is now a reality thanks to the care and quality work from Natalie, Alan, and everyone else at Proactive who ensured my prosthetic arm met my specific needs perfectly. I cannot thank the team enough for giving me my independence back and helping me achieve something I have aspired to for so long. This is only the beginning of a brand new chapter, and I wouldn’t have gotten here without the team’s customised prosthetic solution”.

Congratulations Julian!