Alan has been doing a great job! Hear more about this from our customers

At Proactive Prosthetics we support patients, lawyers and case managers who are involved in personal injury claims by working closely with legal teams to achieve the best outcomes for their clients, as well as providing expert witness services, writing statements and reports.

It’s great receiving feedback from Case Managers that we support and we are very grateful for this review from Angeline Jha at Bush & Co Rehabilitation:

“I recall my very first experience with Alan at Pro Active Prosthetics some years ago. Alan was recommended to support a client of mine who was a below-knee amputee and under the care of another prosthetic provider.

…it was clear that we needed to establish if his prosthetic prescription might have been contributing to his stump issues which thereby necessitated a recommendation to change prosthetic providers. My client finally made the decision to move across to Alan at Proactive Prosthetics and has been extremely pleased with this change. My client said that Alan has a unique way of taking a cast which he had never seen before. This made for what was the most comfortable socket he had been prescribed and, from this point, my client started to make an upward trajectory with his rehabilitation. Additionally and importantly, my client did not need to see his plastic surgeon again to discuss a potential through knee amputation which was fortunately avoided thanks to Alan’s intervention and his particular technical expertise in making perfectly fitted prosthetics.

Alan is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service to his clients.

Another client of mine who also sees Alan for his prosthetic leg, said ‘I don’t know what it is but Alan just looks at my leg and knows what is wrong and makes the smallest of adjustments that make the biggest of difference’.

Alan always has a solution to a problem and is able to think outside the box to create new ways of ensuring a clients’ unique goals are met.

Alan is about to embark on supporting another client of mine who is an upper limb amputee and he has already, in one consultation, come up with innovative suggestions to help this client to improve her prosthetic prescription to support her goals. One such suggestion Alan made was to propose bespoke adjustments to an off the shelf prosthetic product recommended for use by my client, which my client is very keen to trial.

I have every confidence in the work Alan does and would highly recommend him and Proactive without hesitation whatsoever. Alan is patient, compassionate and his technical skills are of the highest standard.”