Stef Reid becomes first British amputee on London Fashion Week catwalk

Stef London Fashion WeekParalympic star Stefanie Reid swapped her running gear for high fashion to become the first ever British amputee to grace the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

The 30-year-old athlete made history by strutting her stuff at the Fashion International event, held in the glamorous setting of the Charing Cross Hotel, in The Strand, at the weekend.

Stefanie, who’s prosthetic leg was make by Richard Nieveen at Proactive Prosthetics and embellished by Sophie De Oliveira de Barata at The Alternative Limb Project, was chosen to model clothes by designer Lenie Boya.

She said: “I was so excited to walk for Lenie. I don’t look like your standard runway model, but I think that is the point.”

See this clip from BT Sport and her BBC Breakfast interview