Richard Nieveen speaks at International meeting in Marseille

Richard at ISPO MarseilleRichard Nieveen was invited to an international meeting in Marseille France last week, to present a prosthetic paper.  The session titled “Projet de Vie” was a two hour session with speakers from many other countries.

The emphasis of Mr Nieveen’s presentation was to reinforce the importance of the patient/prosthetist relationship and that fundamental to any prosthesis is socket comfort.

An independent body HAS is evaluating prosthetic and orthotic devices that are provided on schedule by the social security reimbursement scheme in France.  The concern in many prosthetic clinics in France is that the purchasers of services understand prosthetic rehabilitation,  that prosthetic hardware is not the most important aspect in prosthetic rehabilitation, but it is the prosthetist’s contribution that is crucial.

The photographs above show Mr Nieveen with Marcel Berthet, Secretary of ISPO France and Mr Jean Pierre Lissac, President ISPO France.