Proactive Prosthetics – Qualified Bike Fitters

Christophe Cointet on bike.pngChristophe Cointet, prosthetist, has successfully completed the bike fitting course at Bristol University Sports Centre.

The course was taught by Andy Sexton of Bike Science who, for those of you in the know, is one of the most experienced bike fitters in the country; fitting many of the UKs professionals and high level non-professionals riders alike.

Christophe is now qualified to perform a basic bike fit to help with posture ensuring a “safe” and comfortable riding position. Thanks to this training and personal experience in cycling Christophe is able to explain the basics behind a bike fit and then give hands on advice looking at body angles and adjust the bike in order to optimise a riders position and comfort. He will also look at what adjustments to make and where, for example to compensate for a leg length discrepancy.

For more information please contact:Charlie on Bike

01252 702500