Proactive Prosthetics – first UK clinic to fit the new Genium® Knee

newbury genium 2Proactive Prosthetics were selected to be the first UK clinic to fit their new Genium® knee to our patient Matthew Newbury. Matthew has been a C-Leg® user for 8 years and after trialing the new Genium® knee for a week in July, decided to upgrade to the Genium®. Matthew took delivery of his new Genium® knee from our clinic in Surrey in August this year. Two months on, he came back to show us how he has been getting on. He said the new knee “has given me a whole new lease of life. It’s a vast change.
“With my old leg, a lot of the time I’d be walking gingerly, avoiding tripping up, but now I can walk with much more confidence, I can climb stairs in a much more natural and normal way.
“But the best thing is I’m not tired all the time. I have my life back. I can go out for drinks and dinner until late without feeling exhausted.”

The Genium® Bionic Prosthetic System is the world’s only microprocessor controlled knee that can anticipate your movements and adapt instantaneously in order to function as close to a natural leg as possible.  The Genium® allows you to focus on what you are doing, not your prosthesis.

Changing direction, altering pace, ascending stairs, and walking backwards – the user can more easily and more intuitively move through activities of daily life.  Its fluid motion allows the knee to support it even in a bent position and unlike other prosthetic legs; it allows amputees to step over obstacles instead of walking around them.The Genium® – Bionic Prosthetic System represents groundbreaking progress in the field of lower limb prosthetics and is the result of extensive research and development efforts as well as more than 14 years of practical experience with the C-Leg® prosthesis system.

Thanks to the latest computer, sensor and control technology, the functionality of the Genium® will help redefine quality of life and daily mobility for amputees.


Keep watching this website for updates on how Matthew is getting on with this latest technology.

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