Proactive Prosthetics are first to fit UK patient with innovative knee

Geoff BlowerGeoff Blower becomes the first UK based patient to be fitted with new computer-controlled prosthetic leg allowing him to get back to his full life

Geoff Blower, from Rayleigh, Essex, had been visiting friends and was on his motorcycle travelling home as he had done so many times before, when a car collided with him resulting in the loss of his right leg.

The former motorcycle racer, 76,  sustained serious injuries leading to his right leg being amputated above the knee.

Geoff has been through a period of rehabilitation with Richard Nieveen’s team at Proactive Prosthetics over the last 6 months to get him back to a level where he can enjoy his independence.

An important part of Geoff’s lifestyle is his garden where he grows his own vegetables. “I have two children and three grandchildren and thanks to the help of all the lovely people that have cared for me, I can now spend time with them out and about”, said Geoff.

Geoff now has the new Kenevo knee in his prosthesis which was designed and fitted by Proactive Prosthetics. The fitting of the prosthesis by Geoff’s prosthetist Mr Christophe Cointet was supported with physiotherapy teaching Geoff to use it safely and confidently.

“The significant gains with the knee are the levels of safety which gives the patient a greater level of confidence” said Richard Nieveen, Clinic Director, Proactive Prosthetics. “We are very pleased with what Geoff has achieved, considering his amputation was only a year ago. We expect that he will continue to increase his mobility and activities and the versatility of the Kenevo allows us to adjust settings according to Geoff’s progress in his rehabilitation. At this stage in his treatment the biggest difference we can make is improving confidence and to send him away feeling comfortable.”

“Since being fitted with the new knee, my confidence and overall mobility has increased” said Geoff. “After my accident, I felt a sense of sadness and loss, but remembered reading about Douglas Bader who was marooned without his prosthetic legs after ejecting from his aircraft over enemy territory during the Second World War. This gave me hope that I could survive what had happened and I look forward to getting on with my life”.

The Kenevo has five revolutionary functions which are permanently activated. The knee offers enhanced safety at all times and reduces the risk of falling; controlled support for sitting down and standing up; a bespoke wheelchair feature and new technology for standing still. In addition to these functions, the knee can be further tailored to the individual and offers three main ‘pre-selected’ modes designed to suit the lifestyle, mobility and needs of the individual. These modes can be changed and adapted as required in line with mobility improvement or decline.