Proactive announce Clinical Partnership with Remedy Healthcare UK

We are pleased to announce our clinical partnership with Remedy Healthcare UK.


Together, Proactive Prosthetics and Remedy Healthcare UK provide a multi-disciplinary solution for cases that require prosthetic or orthotic management.

As clinical partners, our shared philosophy and expertise in patient focused, individualised and high-quality treatment, ensures patients have a rapid and seamless access to the modalities of treatment they need to achieve maximum function, mobility, comfort and independence.

Both Proactive and Remedy Healthcare UK have a proven track record in achieving excellent outcomes and their clinicians are truly experts within their fields. This combined approach to prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation means that an individual can attend one assessment and be provided with a plan of co-ordinated, intensive rehabilitation on a Consultant-led programme alongside their prosthetic or orthotic provision.

Proactive Prosthetics was founded by Richard Nieveen in 2001 and has established itself as a world class provider and specialist prosthetic facility employing a team of leading clinicians and technical staff.

Remedy Healthcare UK is a new provider of rehabilitation for those with complex musculoskeletal injuries, including limb loss. Remedy’s Consultant-led, multi-disciplinary clinical team, has extensive experience in delivering the military model of rehabilitation at Headley Court and looks to offer the same level of opportunity to a civilian population.

Working closely together, Proactive Prosthetics and Remedy Healthcare UK, seek to achieve optimum outcomes for our patients and offer our referrers a gold standard, collaborative amputee rehabilitation service.

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