Sevenoaks Physiotherapy

ProActive are proud to be a partner with Sevenoaks Physiotherapy in providing prosthetic and orthotic support to their complex trauma and amputee patients. Working together within a a multidisciplinary team we are able to facilitate specialist and  holistic rehabilitation.

Sevenoaks Physiotherapy offer a wide range of physiotherapy assessment and treatment services patients who have suffered trauma injures that are complex, or have sustained a amputation. Some of their physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced in these injuries and their rehabilitation. Through a detailed assessment and planning process they can help case manage rehabilitation, or work with a case manager, enabling multi disciplinary medical team working to maximize the potential and outcome.

The team who offer these services have a wealth of experience in multiple trauma, having gained their experience from working with The Armed Forces rehabilitation and through other sports/orthopedics trauma.

They work in their fully equipped rehab gym, and are well versed in getting the best results using lots of different techniques, working as part of a team, and goal setting to enable maximal recovery.

It does not matter how long it is since the injury, rehabilitation can start or restart at any point.

As part of their excellent team they have a rehabilitation exercise specialist and several physiotherapists.

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Sevenoaks Physiotherapy