20 Years of ProActive Prosthetics

ProActive Prosthetics is an independent healthcare company delivering a best practice, interdisciplinary approach for the rehabilitation of new and existing amputees.

ProActive Prosthetic's founder Richard Nieveen, has had a long career in delivering excellence and ‘Making More Possible’. Richard has been at the cutting edge of prosthetic service delivery for most of his working life, pushing boundaries in professional issues and prosthetic rehabilitation. His unyielding support of our Paralympians is underpinned by a passionate understanding of their needs and requirements and working in an environment that is able to deliver at the highest level. Competitive in his own sport, Richard connects with the need to drive and motivate in pursuit of personal excellence.

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Man with prosthetic leg standing near boats
Making a prosthetic

Richard Nieveen founded ProActive Prosthetics in 2001. He had been working as a prosthetist in the NHS for 15 years when he identified that some patients benefited from more intensive rehabilitation. His vision was to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to prosthetic rehabilitation in a private setting to enable more successful outcomes. A progressive clinical environment, a centre of excellence, where patients would want to come for their treatment and a team that would attract top level clinicians; ProActive Prosthetics was the first private clinic to offer this level and quality of service.

The same philosophy exists today; outcomes for patients are the primary focus. Early intervention with a multi-disciplinary team, combined with realistic, achievable goal setting results in the best possible outcome for each individual; be it to be able to walk in the park with the grand-children or win a Paralympic medal, there is no 'standard patient' or set goals.

This service is delivered in a friendly environment where the atmosphere is calm and professional and patients feel comfortable and confident. The clinicians take time to listen and work together with patients to achieve their goals.

Read more about Richard Nieveen here >

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ProActive Prosthetics do not work in isolation. The key to state of the art prosthetic rehabilitation is working with professionals and partners to learn and develop the best outcomes.

In 2010, Richard began a partnership with British Athletics which has seen him support Team GB at the very successful 2012 > and 2016 > Paralympic games as well as interim World Championships. The delayed Tokyo 2020 games will see him go to Japan to support the team again. Read more >

Another important relationship is with the prosthetic component manufacturers. ProActive Prosthetics were the first to fit > the Ottobock Genium micro-processor knee in 2012 followed by the first Genium X3 > waterproof knee. ProActive work in partnership with Ossur on the development of running blades for the British Athletics team.

The multi-disciplinary approach to prosthetic rehabilitation has always been at the heart of the treatment model. Over the past few years ProActive have developed a successful partnership with Remedy Rehabilitation who provide an intensive complex trauma rehabilitation programme based on the military model practiced at the Headley Court Military Hospital. Read more >

Other successful partnerships > allow us to provide regionally based clinics and surgical advice and referrals for revision surgery, TMR and osseo-integration.

ProActive Building

ProActive's first home was at Unsted Park Rehabilitation Hospital, in Godalming, where Richard provided prosthetic services as part of a multi-disciplinary team. A move to Kingston upon Thames provided more space and an opportunity to work closely with silicone experts at RSL Steepers. As the clinical work grew, ProActive moved to the leafy country setting of Tanshire Park in Elstead, Surrey where patients enjoyed a tranquil setting for their prosthetic rehabilitation.

Since 2016 ProActive have been based in a purpose built clinic > in a beautiful river-side location, in Godalming, offically opened by good friend and colleague Sir Saeed Zahedi.