IPC World Para Athletics Championships London 2017


Proactive Prosthetics are proud to be supporting Stef Reid, Richard Whitehead, Jonnie Peacock and Sophie Kamlish at the World para athletics championships starting on 14th July 2017. We wish our athletes all the best for their events.

The World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 is the biggest in the event’s history, with the number of fans due to attend greater than all previous editions of the event combined. It’s nothing to be taken lightly. With memories of the epic London 2012 Paralympic Games still vivid in the memories of the British public, fans have responded and will come to the championships in droves, with over 230,000 fans descending on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for 10 days of world-class athletics. The biggest opening weekend in World Para Athletics Championships history will see 18,000 fans at the opening night before Saturday and Sunday night sessions will have at least 26,000 and 30,000 fans, respectively. It is the second biggest Paralympic event in history behind the 2012 Paralympics.

Richard Nieveen, prosthetist, has been accredited as part of the support team and will be on the track side to support the athletes during the competition.