Coronavirus Update

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures Update: 05 January 2021

In light of the government announcement of a national lockdown commencing on Tuesday 5th January 2021 the Team at ProActive Prosthetics would like to re-assure patients and clients that we are still here to help you during this difficult time. Our clinic will remain open and we will continue to provide our services with all the safety measures we have already put in place. These are detailed below.

Any patients who do not wish to come to our clinic during this lockdown period may contact us to re-arrange their appointment for a later date. We will also offer support by phone or video meetings where appropriate.

ProActive Prosthetics have carried out a risk assessment of the measures to be taken for the protection of patients and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic and have put the following procedures in place. These procedures will be reviewed and updated in accordance with Government and WHO advice.


Before any appointment

Our Clinic Administrator will call patients the day before their appointment and ask if they or anyone in their household has any symptoms. If they have, the appointment will be rescheduled 2 weeks ahead.


Patients suspected of having Covid-19

No patient that is showing symptoms or is suspected of having Covid-19 will be allowed to enter the clinic.


Limiting Number of Patients Treated at the Clinic

  • Each clinician will see only one patient at a time in the clinic.
  • Appointments will be made in order that they do not overlap.
  • Patients will be asked to attend alone (unless a parent, guardian or carer is required to accompany them).
  • If a patient arrives early and their treatment room is not ready, they will be asked to wait in their car or outside the clinic until the area is ready.
  • Refreshments will be kept to a minimum and only provided where necessary.


Social Distancing

Staff will occupy separate offices and maintain a distance 2m from each other and from and between between patients except where necessary for clinical procedures.



  • Clinic Rooms will be cleaned before and after each patient treatment.
  • Particular attention will be paid to surfaces handles and bars that patients come into contact with; couch roll will be used on any patients seating.
  • The main reception area will be cleaned after each patient and at least every hour paying particular attention to door handles and surfaces that staff and patients come into contact with.
  • Toilets and wash areas will be cleaned regularly after use.


Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment PPE

  • Patients will be asked to wash their hands on arrival and will be shown straight to the treatment room.
  • Patients will be required to wear a clean mask provided by the clinician.
  • Clinicians will wash their hands before and after patient contact.
  • Full PPE (Facemasks, gloves, and aprons) will be worn by clinicians during appointments with patients.
  • Gloves and aprons will be removed after each patient visit and safely disposed of.
  • Masks will be changed after 4 hours of wear and safely disposed of.


In line with Government advice, staff are required to work from home if possible and to stay at home if they or one of their household are not well. All staff have technical facilities in place to allow access to records and provide support from home as required.
If you think a video link would be useful and you wish to do this via a mobile device it would be helpful if you downloaded the Microsoft Teams app on your device using this link:

Microsoft Teams App

Please contact us using the details below to arrange appropriate assistance.

Tel: 01252 702500

If you have an appointment at ProActive and you are not well, we respectfully request that you contact us to re-arrange it.

You can keep up to date by checking this page or via our social media posts.