Christophe Cointet joins Proactive Prosthetics

Proactive Prosthetics are delighted to announce that Christophe Cointet, prosthetist, is joining our team.

Originally from Brittany, Christophe graduated from the University of Strathclyde in the year 2000. Christophe has worked in different prosthetic centres rapidly building a reputation for his commitment to deliver the highest level of prosthetic care to all his patients. In his last positions, as a lead clinician at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and as a consultant at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court, Christophe has worked relentlessly to modernise prosthetic service, ensuring delivery of state of the art technical and clinical solution.

His carrier has seen him involved in the trial and launch of new products from ankle foot biomimetic device to Microprocessor knee, presenting and sharing his knowledge to both national and international audiences. Christophe has also been mentoring and educating students and graduates from both Strathclyde and Salford Universities in the arts and science of prosthetics.

Christophe is a Clinical Expert on the National Register (DoH), a member BAPO and HPC registered.

Christophe has a keen interest in developing new limb system to assist with outdoor activities. He has specialised in the delivery of dedicated cycling and Climbing/Mountaineering limbs.