Micro-processor Knee Training Day

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Micro-processor Knee Training Day

Last week we hosted a brilliant physiotherapy training day on the Kenevo Microprocessor Knee.

The aim of the day was to learn how the Kenevo App works so that physiotherapists can help support patients in learning how to use and get the best out of their prosthesis.

For example a Kenevo can be set to have fixed knee if required or use a swing mode for walking, a more advanced mode to help achieve a more natural walking pattern and a free knee setting for going downstairs.

A highlight of the day was that the team at Proactive, along with the physios, got a chance to try walking with the Kenevo knee - providing extremely valuable insights for professionals in the prosthetic field.

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Thanks to help from Alan Gordon and Alistair Ward from @ottobockuk the Physio teams from Remedy Physio, HK PHYSIOTHERAPY LTDLV Rehabilitation and the Manor Clinic (sevenoaks) Llp gained a great insight into the benefits of an MPK (micro-processor knee).

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